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101 Funny Biggest Loser Team Names

In the past year, more than 45 million Americans have tried to shed pounds. Diets such as the Biggest Loser diet has received an 84% approval rating and filled with access to online tools, books, and DVD’s. For 2014, new dieting trends surround the consumption of kale, chia, and wheat free foods with low fat diets falling off the radar. Working with others in teams can provide the best results when it comes to encouragement and motivation. A top listing of biggest loser team names is compiled below. These names have been used by other teams and intended to encourage the creation of your own unique team.

All Must Go
Baby Steps
Belly Blasters
Belly Dumpers
Better Naked
Big Bad Apples
Blubber Busters
Bod Squad
Body by Double Daves
Booty Busters
Booty Fall
Bubble Butts
Bunch of Losers
Caboose Cutters
Candy Crush
Choose to Lose
Chunky Monkeys
Coast Busters
Die Lard
Doubletime Bunnies
Droopy Drawers
Dump Your Rump
Dwindling Divas
Fatties No More
Fit to Page
Fitmen For Hire
Flab Fighting Four
Flat Balloons
Got The Runs
Guts to Dust
Head Over Meals
Hips Ahoy
Iron Maidens
It Figures
Jiggle Giggle
Journey to Lose
Kilo Game
Less Than More
Let it Melt
Lighten Up
Little Pieces
Losing It
Masters of the Gym
Mind Over Matter
More Than Less
My So Called Legs
Net Loss
Net Weight
New Direction
Pain, No Gain
Phatasic Four
Pound Droppers
Pretty Pretty
Quad Squad
Relay Racers
Rockin’ Rolls
Run Track Minds
Running On Empty
Sassy by Summer
Scale Tippers
Slim N Trim
Sole Trainers
Spin Doctors
Starvin’ Marvin
Take Off
Target Weigh-less
Team Future
The Big Butt Theory
The Breakers
The Meltaways
The Phatties
The Shredders
The Thinner Winners
Thinner than You
Top heavy
Tried and Tasted
Unrepentant Thinners
Waist Management
Waist Removal
Waisting Away
Way & Co
Weigh to Go
Weight Warriors
Winning Losers
Workout Wonders
World Wide Weight

The below infographic outlines the top best tips from trainers on increasing your chances for success with the biggest loser program. Establishing a set time to train will help to create a routine. Cleaning out your fridges, cleans out temptation. Focus on making small changes and track your progress.

Biggest Loser Tips

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