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18 Great Epideictic Speech Topics

An epideictic speech is used to commemorate an occasion or celebrate an event. The two most important core components of this speech type is the ability to connect with the scene and use pathos. Highlighting special qualities throughout the speech will help in evoking more emotion from the listeners. A series of epideictic speech topics are listed below to help inspire the creation of your own celebration and honor.

A special event
Acceptance of award
An introduction to a speaker
Anniversary of its founding
Birth of a child
Celebrating marriage
Correct injustices to modern problems
Cultural tribute
Give blame to a person’s action
Give praise to a group
Give value to an event
Honor a person with a toast
Institutional success
Praise a person for their act
Relay blame to an organizational choices
The condemning of a historical build
To give a eulogy of the deceased
Tribute of a person

One special occasion that may require an epideictic speech to be given is being assigned as the best man. This type of speech requires early preparation and is best performed when split into the four basic parts commonly used. This consists as an ice breaker for the introduction, the sharing of anecdotes, congratulatory message, and a toasting to the couple. Sharing humor and keeping short and sweet will sure make your speech a success.

Giving a Best Man Speech

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