26 Catchy School Board Election Slogans

School boards are a vital part of public schools in America. They are elected members of the community that come together to make decisions for the school district. Running for school board can be a competitive feat, but a good slogan will certainly help people to remember your name. Here are some wonderful school board election slogans that will help you to make a difference!

A Better School For A Better Tomorrow.
A Passion For Education.
Breaking Barriers, Building Futures.
Building Hope and Building Futures.
Change Is Here.
Dedication Is What We Need.
Education Is Key.
For Our Children’s Tomorrow, Elect Me Today.
If You Have Doubt, Come Find Out What I’m All About!
Let’s Get Things Done!
Make A Good Decision. Vote For The One With Vision.
Making Our Schools Great.
New Vision. New Direction.
Putting Students First.
Refuse To Be Ordinary.
Someone You Can Believe In.
Team Work Makes The Dream Work.
The Choice For Change.
Their Education, Their Life, Their School. Their Time Is Now!
There’s No Competition. Vote For Me.
Tomorrow Is Looking Great.
Vote For The Best, Forget The Rest.
Vote For The Man With A Plan.
We Can Be The Best.
Working Hard For Our Children.
Your Voice. Your Vote.

This fascinating video is a forum of candidates that are running to be on their school districts school board. They discuss some of the major issues the school board’s deal with along with some campaigning for themselves.