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26 Astonishing Tumblr Demographics, Trends and Stats

26 Astonishing Tumblr Demographics, Trends and Stats

Tumblr Performance and Use

Tumblr is just like any other micro-blogging site where people can post blogs of whatever they like, like and follow other people’s blogs as well as post multimedia posts on the website. Most of the people who use Tumblr are bloggers who are in search of traffic into their websites, or just persons who want to air out their views for the world to see or read. Companies too seem to be taking a turn to use Tumblr as a marketing tool to create awareness on their brands and what they use. Although it may be a micro blogging website, it has a great impact on websites in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Canada. These are mainly the only areas where almost everything is digitalized, and internet marketing is mandatory for websites to rank highly.

Who Uses Tumblr?

Tumblr may be new to you and you might be wondering who specifically uses this site. Well the funny part about this site is that, the highest number of bloggers here are women. This could be because women loves sharing their experiences to the rest of the world, or men are just too secretive or busy with other activities on the web. In addition to this, about half of the persons who use this micro-blogging site are college graduates with first-hand knowledge of what they are blogging about. Of all these people, 65% have an income lower than $50000, which means they are still developing their careers and haven’t decided on what they would like to do, or do it to earn an income for sustenance. The income factor too can be due to the fact that most of the users here are youth under the age of 35.

Accessing Tumblr

Although still growing in the internet masses, Tumblr has made great steps to accommodate bloggers at all angles. One can access Tumblr through web browsers through personal computers and mobile devices. There are also apps that have been created specially to make accessing the platform easier. People can post and re-blog blogs through these application once it has been installed into one’s device. The other fun part about using Tumblr is that, all devices are supported. This means it does not matter whether you use an apple product, windows or an android device, you will find the right application to use Tumblr on.

Why Use Tumblr to Market Your Business?

Although many people across the globe may not have access or use this website, there are many advantages of using it. The reason why Tumblr can be a great place to market your business, especially if in the G8 countries is because many people here already use the website. This is a reason enough to market yours here, as it will create an increased exposure to fellow bloggers and persons with similar interests. It is also through the micro blogs and other highly informative graphics that you can gain links for marketing your website for higher search engine ranks. We all understand why high search engine ranks are important for a company profile.

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