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13 Types of Content with High ROI in B2B Marketing

13 Types of Content with High ROI in B2B Marketing

The Richest B2B Marketing Online Today

B2B marketing simply translates to business to business marketing, which involves one business relying on the other for revenue in terms of customer and clientele acquisition. It is through this form of marketing where businesses can have a symbiotic relationship to build each other to achieve similar goals, which is to attract more customers and traffic which translates to revenue at the end of the day. Through B2B marketing certain channels of marketing have been identified to be the richest and most performing, and this is the reason why it is among the biggest movers in online marketing. Here are some of the richest channels of B2B marketing today.

1. Social Media Content

When it comes to social media content, three channels generate the highest amount of traffic and conversions at the end of the day. The first one is the production and publication of articles on the web. These articles could be posted in article directories or other similar websites to create awareness about a brand or even a commodity into the market. Electronic newsletters and blogs also contribute a lot in B2B marketing. This is because many people will first look for information in blogs before they can gain confidence on a brand or a company.

2. Videos

Videos are the highest ranked influencing attributes to B2B especially when it comes to marketing products and services. This is because most people would prefer to watch a review on YouTube or any other video link before purchasing anything. New products being introduced into the market have to be reviews in video clips to show the use the better part of the product. Online surfers search and watch these videos before they can make the ultimate decision on whether to purchase the product or not.

3. Case Studies

Case studies on products or companies contribute more than 70% of what decisions a prospecting audience will make. This is because case studies have a similar approach to videos only that it is in text form. Case studies touch deeply into the products and even advise the audience on the good and bad side of the company, thus preparing them on what to expect when they use the product or company.

4. Interactive Media and Social Sites

B2B marketing also relies on word of mouth for content to sell. This is where interactive media comes into place. Surveys and other online forms can better describe this, as they give review like results at the end. This helps a company market itself better through voice or visual advertisement. The social media is also one of the richest platforms that anyone can use to market a business or even a new brand. This is because all the target audience is there busy meeting new people, and this is when they stumble upon a new website or company. Although there are many new social sites that crop up every day, most companies use the top performers, such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus to market their content online.

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