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25 Splendid Luke Bryan Quotes

Luke Bryan is an American country music singer and songwriter. Rising to fame in the mid-2000s, Bryan is also co-owner of the brand Buck Commander, the sister company of Duck Commander. Here is a look at some of the most notable Luke Bryan quotes to know.

“A big part of country music is a way of life, at least from my standpoint. That’s how I craft my music from my own life experiences.”

“A lot of people don’t have near the amount of success as I’ve been blessed to have, and it’s all about working hard and hoping that continues.”

“Anytime I sing the anthem, it is an honor and my heart beats out of my chest.”

“Anytime you have a fellow artist say, ‘Loving the new Luke Bryan album,’ that’s awesome.”

“Even with all the negativeness of the whole social media thing, I still think it’s leaps and bounds more positive.”

“Every day I wake up and I lay in bed counting my blessings and saying my prayers for how fortunate I am to have great fans and health and family.”

“From my dad I learned to be good to people, to always be honest and straightforward. I learned hard work and perseverance.”

“I am just what I am, I’m just what you see. So I’ll make it easy, I’ll stay me.”

“I think the attraction to country music is the fans, the lure of the hardcore fan base.”

“I will always really work hard to write as much as I can, but I also love sitting back and waiting on those big Nashville songwriters to send me some great songs, too.”

“If there are people out by the bus, I’ll come off the bus and sign autographs, too. I always want to be accessible.”

“I’ll always have songs with a farm connotation on my albums. It’s in the fabric of my music, and I plan to keep it that way.”

“I’m a big sports fan in general.”

“I’m a really, really optimistic and really, really positive person. My main thing is, ‘Enjoy life. Celebrate life.'”

“I’m kind of at a point in my career where I can get away with traditional stuff and then get away with some more rocky and pop and edgier stuff, too.”

“Just really, really believe in what you’re trying to do. Don’t let people alter that. Let people advise you and lead you down paths to make smart business decisions. But trust your instinct and trust that overwhelming drive that made you put all your dreams and everything on the line.”

“Life’s up and down from the time you get here to the time you leave.”

“My dad is very successful in his business. He’s always been big in having hobbies and having little ways to get away. He always made time for hunting and fishing. He always encouraged me to do it.”

“My first memories of music were country music and Ronnie Milsap. Where I grew up, it was what you listened to. And anything else, you were somewhat out of place.”

“My thing is you just have to try to feel young and stay young. Obviously you get a little older, but I still want my music to be young. I don’t want to sound like an old dad onstage, so you just have to write music that sounds young.”

“Nothing is more rewarding than to take a song, create it out of thin air and then watch it affect people.”

“People hear me talk and they know my background and they immediately stereotype me as being a real, real country guy, and that’s the right stereotype. But you also want people to know you’re a little broader than that, too.”

“Tangle me up like Grandma’s yarn.”

“You always have to work to become a better singer, songwriter and performer.”

“You want women to think of you in a sexy manner. It’s all part of the business. It drives ticket sales. It’s all a part of it.”

Luke Bryan discusses two family tragedies that struck him at an unexpected time and impacted his life tremendously.

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