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25 Clever Catchy Criminal Justice Slogans

Criminal justice is exactly what it sounds like, ensuring that people who commit crimes are brought to the justice that is deserved. This involves many different facets of the justice system, including police officers, lawyers, and judges. This is one of the most important aspects of our country and the way that it works. Here are some wonderful slogans all about criminal justice.

Ask Me About Criminal Justice.
Come Out With Your Degrees Up.
Criminal Justice. Because Badass Isn’t An Official Major.
Experience. Focus. Justice.
For Peace and Justice.
Injustice Anywhere, Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere.
It Is The Spirit, and Not The Form of Law That Keeps Justice Alive.
It’s All About YOU!
Justice Doesn’t Help One Who Slumbers, But Helps Only Those Who Are Vigilant.
Justice For All.
Justice Is Open To Everyone.
Justice Is Taking Responsibility For Your Mind and Your Actions.
Live. Love. Justice.
No Justice. No Peace.
People Over Profit.
Revenge Is Not The Way, Choose Justice That Restores.
Service. Integrity. Reliability.
There Is No God Higher Than Truth.
To Practice Criminal Justice, Or Not TO Practice Criminal Justice? What A Stupid Question.
Truth. Justice. Equality.
We Don’t Settle For Anything Less.
We Love Criminal Justice.
We’re Courteous To Criminals. They Always Get To Finish Their Sentences.
We’re Here To Uphold The Law.
You Mess With Criminal Justice, You Mess With Me.

The criminal justice system has come under quite a bit of debate over the past few decades. Many people believe that it is unfair to some, and too fair to others. This wonderful video talks all about the ins and outs of the issues surrounding the criminal justice system.

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