20 Catchy Mobile X Ray Business Names

Mobile x rays are an advancement int he medical field that have many people left in amazement. These machines allow xrays done of patients to be done virtually anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home. Starting your very own requires a bit of know how, the equipment to safely perform the xrays, and some motivation. Here are some great examples of mobile xray business names to give you some inspiration for your very own business.

A Portable Xray
Allied Mobile X Rays
Axiom Mobile Imaging
Gulf XRay Services
Kane Xray Co Inc
Mobile Diagnostics
Mobile Imaging Associates
Mobilex USA
North Andover Xray Services
Salem Mobile Radiology
Sand Lake Imaging
Specialty X-Ray Inc
Stat Portable
The Mobile Med
TransRay Diagnostics
United Mobile Xray Inc.
Xpress Ray

This absolutely fascinating video is all about the incredible machine that has made mobile x rays a possibility in our world. Mobile x ray has been a true blessing to all different kinds of patients.