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25 Best CPR Awareness Slogans

One way you can be a responsible citizen is to become CPR certified. These great CPR Awareness slogans encourage every person to be an active participant and willing to take measures to save a life.

All Citizens of the World Can Save a Life.
Are You Prepared to Save a Life?
Be a Life Saver.
CPR is as Easy as C-A-B.
Don’t Drop the Beat.
Every Second Counts.
Fight for Every Heartbeat.
Go CPR & Save a Life.
Help Save Lives.
Learn CPR – Save a Life!
Learn CPR Now.
Learn Hands Only CPR.
Lend a Hand. Save a Life.
Life is Why.
Make Your Promise.
My Heart. Your Heart.
Prepare. Respond. Revive.
Push to the beat of Stayin’ Alive.
Restart a Heart Day.
Teaching Skills for Life.
Two Steps to Save a Life.
Use Your Hands.
When the First Responder… is You!
You Can Be a Heart Hero.
Your Hands Can Save Lives.

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