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51 Cool Dog Band Names

Dogs are known for being mans’ best friend. These great dog band names are just some examples of ways musicians incorporate the representation of this animal with their own identity among fellow bandmates.

Bird Dog
Black Dog
Bloodhound Gang
Diamond Dogs
Dirty Dog
Dog and Butterfly by Heart
Dog and Pony Show
Dog Days Are Over
Dog Eat Dog
Dog in Heat
Dog New Tricks
Dog Train
Dogs in the Midwinter
Dogs of War
Dr. Dog
Eat Your Dog
Every Dog Has Its Day
Fleet Foxes
Hair of the Dog
Happy Dog
Hot Dog
Hound Dog
Howling Wolf
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Liver of Dreams
Mad Dog
Mississippi Moon Dog
Music on a Leash
Music Pointers
Music Setters
My Dog and Me
Nate Dog
Pavlov’s Bells
Poor Dog
Sick as a Dog
Snoop Doggy Dog
Temple of the Dog
The Barkers
The Beagles
The Dandie Dinmonts
The Dog Breath Variations
The Great Danes
The Howlers
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Three Dog Night
Wild Dogs
Wolf Parade

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