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24 Captivating Joe Manchin Quotes

Joe Manchin is the United States Senator from West Virginia. As the member of the Democratic Party, Manchin previously served as Governor of West Virginia. Best known for working with Republicans on the controversial issues of abortion and gun ownership, Manchin is endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Here is a look at some of the best Joe Manchin quotes to know.

“A child’s geographic location, race or parent’s income level should not predetermine their life’s course and it’s up to us to see that they don’t.”

“Come to West Virginia and we’ll show you how to live… how to treat people. We’re open for business. West Virginia is truly on the move.”

“Economic development is what’s going to make mountaintop removal palatable.”

“Every child should have a safe place in their life.”

“I believe in health care reform.”

“I don’t know anybody that doesn’t own a gun.”

“I fully expect to be able to complete one more campaign goal – and that is to proudly report that signs have been erected as you enter our great state that say ‘Welcome to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia: Open for Business!'”

“I just think, you know, when we talk about a politician, I think a person has to be themselves. Let the voters see the real you.”

“I strongly believe the DREAM Act should require the completion of a degree.”

“I think it’s time to rebuild America.”

“I would never abdicate, nor would I expect any other governor to abdicate, the responsibility to protect the people of my state.”

“I`m determined that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon.”

“If money or military might would change that part of the world… we would have done it by now. Enough is enough.”

“If you`re wanting to do policy, it should be bipartisan.”

“In West Virginia, the most vulnerable people we have are people who get up every morning and go to work.”

“Millions and millions of people are proud gun owners, and they do it responsibly and by the law.”

“The time has come to make the difficult decision. Charity begins at home. We can no longer afford to rebuild Afghanistan and America. We must choose. And I choose America.”

“The work completed during the special session was just the beginning. During those six days we lit a spark that will positively impact the lives of our children and grandchildren, but the full fire is yet to come.”

“We have reduced sales tax on food. Now we want it eliminated.”

“We have to change the culture of mass violence we have.”

“We shouldn’t accept mediocrity as the best a politician can do.”

“Well, you know, first of all, let me just say that I am a proud member of the NRA and have been, and I’m a lifetime member and will always be.”

“Whoever is president, my first priority is the same – as always. I look for what’s best for West Virginia and the nation as a whole.”

“Why would anybody not own a gun?”

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