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23 Motivational Quotes for Sales Managers

Selling can be an incomparably rewarding job or it can be incomparably frustrating. Whether you experience the former or the latter would depend entirely on the eventual outcome of a day, month or your career as a sales professional. Selling can be very tough at times and it can be a cakewalk at times. Should you find yourself at the unfavorable end of the spectrum, you can seek some refuge at the list of 23 Inspiring Quotes From The Top Sales Influencers Online.

The following infographic provides a guide to the top 10 qualities and characteristics to becoming an effective sales manager.

10 Facts About Sales Performance

Explanation of Appreenticeship

Apprenticeship is the predecessor of the modern day internship. A long time ago, when education was yet to become regularized and much before there were schools and colleges across the nook and corner of the country, apprenticeship was the method of an aspirant getting trained on the job, at an art or with some skill by a mentor. The mentor was always an expert, in most cases a senior or elderly person, who would need the vigor of young blood. An apprenticeship would learn the skills first and then the tricks of the trade and eventually become a pro.

An Understanding of Mentorship

Mentorships have played a huge role for millennia, right from the great battlefields to the modern day tug of war in posh boardrooms. The info-graphic starts with shedding light on how mentoring and being mentored are never ending processes and what kind of role they can play to hone an individual, in the fortunes of a company and in the collective success of the mentor, the mentored and the brand they represent.

Qualities of Selling

Selling is not just impressing or convincing. Many sales professionals are too worked up to impress the customer and try relentlessly to be interesting so the customer can be convinced. A lot of hard work can be transformed into smart work if a sales professional stops trying to be interesting and instead becomes interested in the customers. No customer is vying to know how much one is passionate about one’s own product. Customers want to know if they would benefit from a product and hence intend to find out how the sales professional sees and how interested she or he is to imagine the customer using the product.

23 Inspiring Quotes From The Top Sales Influencers Online would bring to you many such sneak peeks into the world of sales and some of these quotes would enlighten any and sundry.

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