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17 B2B Content Marketing Trends Happening Right Now


Knowing how to market a business is paramount to its success and longevity. This is especially true when it comes to business-to-business marketing, or B2B. However, B2B can be very different then marketing to consumers, requiring its own special skill set. 2014 saw a partially interested trend in B2B practices. Included are a few of those trends and things you should watch out for.

Creating Content Marketing

Businesses are increasing their content marketing, with nearly a 93% increase this year. In addition, when it comes to allocating the B2B marketing budget, over 30% is reserved for content marketing. inally, over 58% of businesses plan to increase their budget over the next year for content marketing. All of this says the same thing that contents marketing is in.

Focusing On Tactics

Another way to increase the size of a marketable audience is by focusing on additional ways to reach people. This includes increasing social media dramatically, as well as blog usage. In addition, there has been a marked increase in articles and newsletters targeting B2B marketing. Finally, events in person as well as case studies have been used to help advertise the importance of businesses to one another.

Another thing to consider is the use of info graphics. As companies continue to work on marketing and visually representing their importance, info graphics become increasingly important. This has become so important, that it has increased to nearly 51% from 38% last year. Incorporating info graphics into the top six social media platforms can help bring it all together into a unified B2B marketing package.

Emphasis on Content Segmentation

Breaking apart what you are doing and how you advertise between businesses is a great way to increase potential sales. This is done through tailored advertisements that split within the market fields of industry trends, profiles of decision makes, characteristics of the company, and including the buying cycle.

As a final consideration, it is important to remember the challenges that B2B marketing groups face. The biggest problem is time. There is never enough time within the deadline to get the perfect product out there. The next hurtle for many companies is producing enough content to keep up with the marketing angle. Finally, the last problem many companies face in B2B advertising is a lack of budget. Though B2B continues to grow, many companies have still yet to wise up to the importance of proper financing.

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