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Best March of Dimes Fundraising Ideas

March of Dimes is an excellent cause that helps pregnant moms have healthier, stronger babies. The March of Dimes name is often more than enough to get people interested in your fundraising event. With a little creativity and promotion, you can turn your event into a true success. Below are some ideas to help you plan your next fundraiser.

1. Bowling for Babies

Bowling for Babies is a popular fundraising event and is relatively easy to organize. To make the event successful, you will need a large group of volunteers. Ask everyone you can, including co-workers, friends, loved ones, neighbors and old classmates. Let everyone know that the event will help babies and support March of Dimes. Of course, you will also need to find a bowling alley to host the event. You may be able to find an alley that is willing to donate space.

To truly make the event a success, you will need to organize prizes for winners and come up with creative marketing ideas. Don’t forget to create a plan for registration and to hire a host or emcee for the event. A collection box should also be on display to collect funds. Try to work with local businesses to see if they would be willing to give away prizes, items or food.

2. A Night of Fashion

Get local retail shops involved by hosting a fun fashion show. Local stores will have a chance to showcase their clothing, while participants can raise awareness for March of Dimes. Showcasing formal wear and prom dresses can draw in large crowds. Use your admission fee to help raise money for March of Dimes.

3. Car Wash

Car washes are excellent fundraising events. To make this event a success, you will need plenty of volunteers, supplies and a large enough space to host your car wash. Schools are popular locations for these events and you may be able to get students involved as well. Car washes should be free, but people can make a donation to March of Dimes. The great thing about this type of event is that people not only feel compelled to donate, but there is also no limit on the amount they donate.

4. Reach Out to Local Restaurants

Reach out to local restaurants and see if they would be interested in hosting a night for March of Dimes. The store manager may agree to give a percentage of the proceeds to your cause. In exchange, you will be sending plenty of business their way. Local restaurants are often receptive to this idea as it gets more customers through their door.

5. Benefit Concert

Host a benefit concert and include dinner with their admission. Find a local band who is willing to donate their time for the cause. In exchange for their time, they will receive some great exposure. Admission prices can be used to raise money for March of Dimes.

For this type of event, you will need to find a venue. A local banquet hall or hotel may be a great choice. The venue may be willing to donate the space. Make sure you have plenty of volunteers on hand to help organize. Benefit concerts tend to be large events, so you will need all the help you can get. Once you have a venue and talent, you will need catering for the dinner. Find out if local caterers would be willing to donate food for the event.

6. Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is a fun way to raise money for March of Dimes. Local talent can compete for a prize. Guests can pay an admission fee to enter and vote on their favorite act. You can also include food in their admission price if you can find a local vendor who is willing to lend a helping hand.

Much like the concert event, you will need a large venue. Speak with local vendors to see if any would be willing to donate space for your event. Also, reach out to local businesses and restaurants to see if any would be willing to donate prizes, food or items.

7. Silent Auction

Silent auctions are an excellent way to raise money for March of Dimes. Reach out to local businesses and the community to ask for donations for the auction. The auction itself will be the star of the show as far as fundraising is concerned. Generally, these events are free to attend, although some do charge an admission fee. Don’t forget to set a collection box out for extra donations.

8. Raffles

Much like silent auctions, raffles are popular ways to raise money. Again, you will need donations for this type of event. Local businesses and the community may be able to donate items for you to raffle off. Get creative with your ideas. Maybe a local hotel would be willing to donate a weekend stay or a spa may be willing to donate a spa package. The more attractive the prizes are, the more successful your raffle will be. You will also need a venue. Sell your raffle tickets and use the proceeds to help March of Dimes.

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