23 Fantastic Nursing Team Names

The nursing industry has been suffering a changing in demand due to a retiring workforce. Statistics show that more nurses are retiring than entering into the industry all the while an aging population suffers an increased demand for nursing care. It is commonly believed the Affordable Car Act will increase demand. For current participants in the nursing industry, the following nursing team names will help to inspire the collaboration between professionals in the field for providing care and raising awareness.

Acute Docs
Break a Lead
Care Lifters
Caring Witch
Cat Scan Strikers
Code Blue
ER Strikers
Fatal Diseases
Foot Menders
Get Dead Soon
Hard Attackers
In Stitches
Nursing Crazies
Play Aches
Silly Fevers
Sleeping Pills
Spare Ribs
Stitched Up
Suture This
Sweet Sufferings
The Healers
The Splints
The Stethescopes

The following infographic takes a look at the current nursing industry and its rising demand. The primary areas of demand for nursing are found in surgical services, critical are, and long term care. Majority of skills and experienced required are based on a Bachelors in Nursing and a State License. Rural communities are in the highest demand for nursing specialists with the average position remaining open for 800 days before being unfilled.

Nursing Industry Growth