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22 Superb Eliyahu M. Goldratt Quotes

Eliyahu M. Goldratt is an Israeli physicist and business management guru. As the originator of many technique and theories to include The Theory of Constraints and Thinking Processes, Goldratt has authored several business books. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Eliyahu M. Goldratt quotes.

“An expert is not someone who gives you the answer, it is someone who asks you the right question.”

“Bob comes into the office with a smear of grease on his white shirt over the bulge of his beer gut, and he’s talking nonstop about what’s going on with the breakdown of the automatic testing machines.”

“Bringing a company closer to its goal. Every action that brings a company closer to its goal is productive.”

“Can I assume that making people work and making money are the same thing?”

“Henry Ford achieved the highest throughput per worker of any car manufacturing company of his time.”

“I say an hour lost at a bottleneck is an hour out of the entire system. I say an hour saved at a non-bottleneck is worthless. Bottlenecks govern both throughput and inventory.”

“I smile and start to count on my fingers: One, people are good. Two, every conflict can be removed. Three, every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple.”

“If you don’t manufacture a quality product all you’ve got at the end is a bunch of expensive mistakes.”

“Incidentally, common sense is not so common and is the highest praise we give to a chain of logical conclusions.”

“More importantly, our software worked. I don’t just mean that it didn’t bump, or that it performed according to the written specifications, or that it was efficient in producing reports. It really worked.”

“Never let something important become urgent.”

“Putting it precisely, activating a resource and utilizing a resource are not synonymous.”

“Science is simply the method we use to try and postulate a minimum set of assumptions that can explain, through a straightforward logical derivation, the existence of many phenomena of nature.”

“Since the strength of the chain is determined by the weakest link, then the first step to improve an organization must be to identify the weakest link.”

“So this is the goal: To make money by increasing net profit, while simultaneously increasing return on investment, and simultaneously increasing cash flow.”

“Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave.”

“The entire bottleneck concept is not geared to decrease operating expense, it’s focused on increasing throughput.”

“The goal is not to improve one measurement in isolation. The goal is to reduce operational expenses AND reduce inventories and increase throughput simultaneously.”

“Well, I don’t. Not absolutely. But adopting”making money’’ as the goal of a manufacturing organization looks like a pretty good assumption.”

“What you have learned is that the capacity of the plant is equal to the capacity of its bottlenecks.”

“What you’re saying is that making an employee work and profiting from that work are two different things.”

“While they go get the others, I figure out the details. The system I’ve set up is intended to”process’’ matches.”

Eliyahu M. Goldratt discusses his book, ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.’

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