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10 Examples of Successful Facebook Ads


Facebook ads can help you get the exposure you have been looking for. It can create social awareness and can also influence your target audience to check out what you have to offer. Facebook ads, if done well, can be a real deal maker. However, since there is phenomenal competition and only so much that a user can check out and process, your ads need to stand out. You must have some really intriguing and convincing Facebook ads. Here are a few attributes that make Facebook ads great.

1) Focus on Relevant Content.
Try to come up with evergreen content or content that is very relevant right now. There are two kinds of websites or resources that get the most traction. They are news sites since they dabble in current affairs and churn out high quality contents on everything that matters and more. The other sites that get the desired attention are resources which have priceless information. You can check out the Alexa rankings. Credible news portals and encyclopedias have the highest ranks. The reason is simple. Evergreen content will always be useful and contemporary content or what matters the most right now is obviously necessary. Don’t come up with content that doesn’t get bracketed into or qualified as either. People don’t want outdated information that doesn’t matter anymore.

2) Be Surprising.
You should come up with contents for your Facebook ads that can surprise or shock, enlighten or be controversial. People like to read stuff or get to know stuff that will help them in some way, would either shock them or surprise them pleasantly. The quest for knowledge or the unknown is always a trigger for curiosity. You need to satiate this curiosity or need in other words that will have your audience talking about your presence and what you offer.

3) Have Credible Reports.
Always try to have some kind of proof that vets what you present. Many a time, companies come up with claims and present them in Facebook ads. Whatever you claim should be substantiated. People may get surprised at the outset but over time they would want to know if the claims are genuine. If you are claiming a certain market share or mammoth sales, have credible news reports or cite respected sources to prove that your claim is completely accurate. The audience knows that many companies fake it on social networks and those who can up the scale of credibility will always get more traction.

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