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13 Visual Tools that Make Facebook Posts Go Viral


Facebook is a versatile social media platform as it gives users the ability to connect with family and friends meanwhile giving businesses the opportunity to reach out to their loyal customers and potential new customers. Learning how to effectively market on Facebook could result in more success with your business than ever before. Take note of the following applications and programs that are designed to make the most out of your business page.

1) Creating Professional Images
With programs such as Relay and Pixlr you will have the opportunity to work with images to create your own branded pictures that will bring more customers to your page. If you’re not experienced with in-depth picture editing programs such as Photoshop, Pixlr is a program that you can use to your advantage. You’ll be able to upload fonts, work with white balance, and even customize the size of the images you’ll use on your Facebook page. Relay is useful for companies that want to create their own branded graphics by choosing layouts, fonts, colors, and more.

2) Creating Relatable Quotes and Slogans
Recite and QuotesCover are two great programs that you can use to turn quotes and thoughts into photos that your customers can read, enjoy, and relate to. QuotesCover allows you to choose from different backgrounds, fonts, and different templates to create pictures out of various quotes. Whereas Recite is another program that is more simplistic and gives you a more concise choice of editing tools when you’re creating shareable graphics.

3) Creating Images with a Team
If you’re not the most creative person, you might find that working with a team of people can be easier in order to get the graphics and images that you need. Skitch is a program that is quite collaborative and allows every person on the design team to provide their input on each project. You can create informative graphics and add instructions to each image which is essential for companies that like to collaborate with each other or their clients.

4) Using Mobile Designs Tools
Business owners or marketing professionals that are constantly on-the-go might not have access to a desktop computer and web-based applications on a regular basis. Over is a program that enables you to create and edit marketing images from your mobile device such as a tablet or your smart phone. You can add text, change backgrounds, and upload fonts.

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