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20 Ways to Increase Pinterest Followers

20 Ways to Increase Pinterest Followers

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Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

1. Have a Complete Profile
Before people follow you, they will look through your profile to make sure it is complete. Be sure to add your name, upload a profile image, fill out your About section, add and verify your website, and have your Facebook and Twitter accounts linked if applicable.

2. Follow Other People
This is one of the easiest ways to get followers. Stick to follow limits and wait for 2-4 days. You will be left with a percentage of people who follow you back. Continue to follow others who have followed you and unfollow those that have not followed back. Overtime you will gain more followers.

3. Invite Others and Find Friends
Invite your friends from email, Facebook, Yahoo, and Gmail. This will help you to gain loyal followers with people you have already built relationships with.

4. Get Pin Happy
Pinning a lot of content and images will help bring you more visibility and hence more followers. Pin items that are useful and helpful in content or images. The more you pin, the more people will see your pints. Be sure that you are pinning content that people will enjoy as this will help to improve your presence among users.

5. Repin, Like, and Comment
Repinning, liking, and commenting on others pins can also attract followers as well as form bonds with other users. Others will also start to notice you which will result in more followers. Be sure to stay within the limits set by Pinterest for commenting.

6. Tag Others
Tagging others will help you to build relationships while getting others to notice you. Compliment them by adding a comment before the tag and form close relationships with others resulting in more loyal followers.

7. Publish Activity to Facebook Timeline
Adjust your settings to have your Pinterest activity publish to your Facebook timeline. Every time you perform activities on Pinterest, Facebook will automatically update your status. This can help attract new Pinterest followers from Facebook that you already know.

8. Tweet Your Pins
Tweet your pins and draw Twitter users to your profile. Ask them to check out the new pin and attract your current followers from Twitter to become your Pinterest followers as well.

9. Add Pinterest Details to Other Social Media Profiles
Write a call to action urging people to follow you on Pinterest which will divert traffic to your Pinterest Profile resulting in more followers. Add the Pinterest App to your Facebook thumbnails.

10. Add the Follow Button to Your Blog or Website
Add the follow button to your blog or website to help divert traffic from your page to your Pinterest account. Add in prominent places like the header, footer, or sidebar. This will make it easy for people to find your profile and convert website traffic to followers.

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