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Facebook Page Insights Guide

Facebook Page Insights Guide

Guide to Facebook Insights

Facebook insights is a tool used with your fanpage to notify you of the total number of impressions and new likes gained on your page. Various metrics are used within Facebook insights. Your metrics mostly account for people who are currently fans or have the potential of becoming fans from directly interacting with your page and its content. This guide will help to break down the 8 primary relationships that exist for users.

1. Impressions
Impressions are the total number of times people saw anything on your page within the newsfeed or ticker that accounts for friends or non-friends.

2. Reach
Your reach is the number of people who received impressions. This number may seem smaller since some people have seen the content more than once and therefore are not accounted for in this number.

3. Post Impressions
The post impressions account for how many times your posts were seen in the newsfeed by a friend or non-friend. This number is limited to only posts made by you.

4. Post Reach
Similar to your reach, this number accounts for people who received impressions and therefore how many people your posts reached.

5. Engaged Users
These users account for the individuals that clicked on one of your posts.

6. Talking About This
The talking about this is for people who actually created a newsfeed story from your content by liking, commenting, or sharing your posts. When their friends view these posts in their own newsfeed, you will notice the impressions and reach increase.

7. New Likes
This accounts for people Talking About This since the action of liking creates a story. Of the hundreds of thousands of people you have the potential to reach, this portion accounts for only the small fraction that acted.

8. Other Metrics
Additional metrics seen is the amount of logged in pageviews This number is of people who viewed your timeline when logged in. Majority of users are logged in when they traffic fanpages which provides you with a pretty accurate metric of who who came to your page.

Another metric is consumption/consumers. This accounts for media posts such as links, videos, or photos. When a user previews or clicks any of these it is considered as “consumed.” The number of consumers is the total number of people who create consumption.

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