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19 Ways to Create a Psychologically Healthy Workplace


How To Create A Productive Work Environment

Do you often find yourself or your employees complaining of low productivity and an inability to focus? Would you be interested in learning a couple tips for easing tension in the workplace as well as increasing productivity and creativity? If so, you have come to the right place.

Adjust Temperatures

Simply adjusting the atmosphere of your work environment can have numerous benefits on the health of your staff. Research shows that maintaining a room temperature of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit will provide your staff the optimal temperature for productivity. There’s nothing more distracting than shivering or sweating when trying to work.

Invite Natural Light

Spruce up your office with natural light, if that is not an option, try full-spectrum lighting. Calming colors like aqua or lavender will give your office the stress free look you are striving for. Also try using plants or greenery to add oxygen and life to your cubicles.

Get Comfortable

A home office can be just as stressful as one filled with coworkers, especially with the lack of minor distraction to tie you over. Some tips to help you stay on task while at home include buying the perfect chair, one that eliminates back pain by allowing your knees to bend parallel to the floor. Position your monitor at eye level so that you limit the strain on your eyes and neck.

Display Photos

Use photos to create positive memories of your loved ones close by or on display. Purchasing a hands free phone may be an investment worth making if your job requires you to hold a phone all day. Use a CD player or iPod to tune out distracting background noise and relax you.

Group Together

Healthy work habits can move beyond your desk. If you have the opportunity to meet in a small group setting take advantage of a pretty day or close park by scheduling a walking meeting. This will get you and your coworkers endorphins flowing and the good ideas going.

Even if you are not meeting a group encourage yourself and others to get outside and moving during your office breaks. If you are organizing a meeting be sure to include healthy snacking options. If you find that these tips work for you, strive to be a healthy role model for those that you work with.

Creating a healthy work environment can make or break an employee’s decision to stay with a company. 80 percent of worker say the overall condition of their work office affects how they perceive their employers and 1 in 3 workers has accepted or left a job due to the condition of the building or amenities offered.

A company reported increased productivity and improved attraction and retention of their employees after raising ceilings and installing a skylight. Overall, a company that puts the health of its employees first will see the benefits in productivity and a happier, healthier staff.

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