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The 9 Primary Roles of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Roles of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Mobile Technology Is Changing The Way Small Business Owners Do Business

Small business owners are good at juggling various business tasks that are required to run a successful small business. Among the various tasks required, business services and sales take up a majority of the time, but other tasks that must be performed such as financial management, employee management, marketing, and communication that require attention. Small business owners go into business for different reasons and most owners are passionate about their business, but sometimes the day to day running of the business can be overwhelming, especially if they feel physically tied to the office or store.

Go Virtual

There are signs that may be changing as small business owners are increasingly doing business at off-site locations shifting from an all-office work environment to becoming “mobile workers”. The traditional formal workplace is giving way to managing and marketing a business on the go with owners managing their business from multiple locations when not in their office. While the hours spent in the office currently take up more time than hours on the go, small business owners are dividing their time between multiple locations such as at a client’s location, in the car, or at events.

Integrate Mobile

In order to work from multiple locations, small business owners are using a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to conduct business. Mobile technology is not only making the lives of small business owners easier, it has also become an essential part of conducting business. The PC is still the most used mobile device, but newer smaller portable devices are becoming more popular especially the iPhone. Since mobile technology allows people to conduct business remotely from just about any location, a majority of small business owners believe mobile devices have become very important, if not essential, in running a business. It is no longer necessary for business owners to be physically present to communicate since 21st century technology enables them to manage their work from more than just one location while communicating through email, text, or by phone. Yet business owners want to ensure that they can provide the highest quality service and responsiveness which has been made possible by more efficient and cheaper online marketing tools and technology. It has become easier and less expensive to market and manage business though mobile technology.

Since small business owners are independent, enterprising business people, it should come as no surprise that mobile technology and devices are becoming more widely used in marketing and managing their business. In virtually every task management area, whether it’s sales, business services, communications, financial management, or marketing, small business owners are increasingly accessing mobile devices to make their tasks easier, communicating with customers and employees while still providing the all-important customer service.

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