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16 35th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

In modern time, turning 35 is almost equivalent to be 28 years old. As the population ages, trends have showed greater accomplishments and contributions to society. The age of 35 can represent many things to an individual. Research has shown that majority of men and women find the early and mid 30’s to be the best time of an individual’s life when they look the best. Trends also show this era being a time for women hitting their sexual peak. To bring in this new year of your friend or love one’s life, the following listing of 35th birthday invitation wording ideas can be used in crafting your special invitation. These have been used by others with the intent of motivating your own creativity.

(name) is turning 35! Please be her guest at her birthday party on (date).

A reason to celebrate, a reason to dine, A reason to enjoy good company and wine. (name) 35th birthday.

All we knew this day would come, we knew it couldn’t last. Now’s your time for all to gather to say, (name) youth has past.

Friendships are one of the few things that improve with age. The family and friends of (name) invite you to celebrate his 35th birthday and a lifetime of good friendship.

He may still look the part and act as young as twenty, but as for the trips around the sun, he’s done that plenty. So let’s eat and drink, dance and toast, to (name) 35th Birthday Party.

He’s another year older. A new decade this year. And we want to surprise him, with all of you here. The party’s a secret, he doesn’t know yet. And if you keep quiet, a surprise he will get.

Ignore the number of candles on the cake eat, enjoy, and celebrate!

Join the fun and games at (name) 35th birthday party.

Please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to (name).

Remember the happy times, raise a glass with cheer. Come Celebrate with (name) in honor of his 35th year.

Shhh. It’s a surprisee party in honor of (name). Please join us (date) to celebrate his 35th birthday.

The steaks are on the grill, the table is set. (name) Turns 35! we can’t let him forget! So mark you calendar, and save the date.

There’s a birthday party and you’re invited to show. But don’t tell (name), because he doesn’t know. So if you can make it, here’s a word to the wise, Make sure to come early ’cause its a big surprise.

This is the year of (name) 35th birthday, though she claims 29, let the truth be told, she said a party!. Never, no way but quickly agreed, when told she would be queen for a day. So lets pop the cork and drink some Dom and celebrate our old friend and super mom.

We are going to have a big part tee, for (Name) 35th birthday for all to see.

When you wish upon a star, your dreams will take you very far. A special wish I want to make is that you come and celebrate.

Each year that you celebrate your birthday, you are also take a part in the aging population. This can have drastic impacts on future economy standing. In China, by 2022 it is estimated that the average working farmer would be 50 or even over 60 years old. Approximately 24% of older women, participate in the workforce with over 47% of men. The below infographic outlines interesting facts about the aging population and their impact and contributions to society.

Interest Facts About Aging

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