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14 Pizza Industry Statistics and Trends

Pizza is one of those global dishes that exist because it brings about a unique sense of satisfaction. Whether you’re a traditional pepperoni and cheese type of person, like a good basil and tomato classic, or you go for a more modern pizza like BBQ chicken, these pizza industry statistics all point to one thing: that pizza is awesome!

Pizzeria Facts

17% of all restaurants are pizzerias!

The world record for eating pizza was set by Patrick Bertoletti, who once ate 47 slices of a 16 inch pizza in just 10 minutes. For the average person, maybe two or three pizza slices are enough, but that also depends on what kind of pizza you’re getting! Now 36% of all pizza orders happen to be pepperoni, but there are some other options around the world that might tempt you!

Unusual Pizza Pies

1. The most popular kind of pizza in Amsterdam has hot dogs on top of it.
2. In Japan, if you order one of the most popular pizza pies, you’re just as likely to find squid on there as you are pepperoni.
3. If you’re eating a Brazilian pizza, then there’s a good chance that there are some green peas on it!

Takeaway: Pizza has been and always will be about personal preferences. Some people love a tomato sauce on their pizza, while others like a creamy garlic white sauce. Toppings can be vegetarian based, be a simple cheese pizza, or even have fruit on it like pineapple or coconut and it’s still a savory pizza pie!

Pizza Industry Statistics

1. Guys who order takeout pizza and answer the door wearing a muscle shirt are three times more likely to order pepperoni pizza than the general public.
2. Women are twice as likely as men to order vegetarian pizzas.
3. In the United States, enough pizza is eaten every day that if you put it all out into a field, it would cover 100 acres. That’s 350 slices of pizza per second!
4. In the US, the pizza industry realizes $30 billion in revenues because nearly 3 billion pizzas are sold every year.
5. 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza per month, the highest average on the planet.
6. You might find fish on a pizza over in Russia, where some of the most popular toppings include sardines, but if you want anchovies or other fish on an American pizza, you might have to look for a while.
7. People eat pizzas on Saturdays more than any other night of the week.
8. The top pizza franchise in the United States is Pizza Hut, with more than 7500 franchisees across the country bringing in $5 billion in annual revenues.

Takeaways: Pizza is good any way you slice it. Even people who need gluten-free eating options are finding more doors open toward a good pizza these days! That means no matter where you are or what country you live in, there’s a good chance you could choose to have a yummy pizza tonight!

Pizza Consumption

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