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50 Best Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Twitter is fast emerging as the most potent marketing tool for innumerable companies across various industries. There are lots of challenges on the popular micro blogging site but the shortcomings do not limit its potential. Besides, there are new and evolutionary ways to use Twitter for marketing which any business should explore.

The below infographic analyzes the trends and statistics of how to optimize your Twitter page to increase your retweets and the most retweetable phrases used.

Twitter Etiquette and Increasing Retweets

Planning an Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy

Despite the popularity of social media and its outreach, many companies are failing to capitalize on it. That is primarily because most companies do not have a well chalked out strategy in place. Twitter engagement cannot be random marketing. There must be a plan, there must be content and a very well defined strategy on how to engage people and to keep them intrigued and involved.

In the slideshow titled 50 Random Twitter Tips For Business, you would find a treasure trove of advice that can change your Twitter experience, for the better. Like any other form of marketing or advertising, there are many dos and don’ts on Twitter as well. This guide will introduce you to dozens of such dos and don’ts. Besides, you would get to understand social media better.

Every marketing genius or advertising guru has first mastered the medium which he or she has used to convey the ideas. One has to understand the power, the limitations and the scope of a medium to truly use it effectively. Twitter may be a site where there is a flooding of information but this doesn’t change the fact that you still need to add value to your customers’ lives. Twitter cannot be a mechanical exercise where you simply thrust your ideas at others and expect them to love your content even when you don’t bother to respond.

Establishing Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement has always been at the very crux of advertising and marketing. The brands that have evoked a sense of passion, belonging and value addition to customers’ lives have always accomplished more and have enticed people to unprecedented levels.

The 50 Random Twitter Tips For Business may appear to be outright random and abstract but if you read them carefully and observe the inferences that are to be drawn then you can see the larger picture. You can see a story unravel that allows you to chart your entire Twitter marketing strategy, merely with the help of these tips. Adhering to even half of the discussed tips would gain much more traction for your campaign than what you might be seeing now.

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