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15 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Make You Healthier


Could Your Smartphone Make You Healthier?

Are you concerned about the revolving research doors that keep saying cell phones have the potential to cause brain tumors? Here’s some good news for you if you’ve been concerned about your smartphone having the ability to make you sick – it can make you healthy too! Your smartphone is more than just a machine to fill up with games, apps, and SMS texts… it is literally a supercomputer that can help you retrain your brain [without radiation, of course!].

Instant Feedback Is Critical To Health

Clinical research has shown that the average human living a First World lifestyle will encounter over 20,000 decisions that need to be made every day. Not every decision we make is going to be a good decision:

• Did you take the pudding snacks over the carrots?
• Are you eating lunch from the vending machine?
• How many sodas, energy drinks, and other sugary beverages have you had today?
• Did you decide to eat that whole plate of Chicken Alfredo today?

The modern smartphone has the ability to give you the instant feedback you need so that you can make more positive choices throughout the day. Instead of acting on impulse, instinct, or compulsion, a smartphone owner can turn to their personal supercomputer to see if a decision they are contemplating is really the right thing to do.

Smartphones Are Excellent Reminding Tools

Remember the days when the best calendar you could get for your office was that giant calendar that sat on your desk? Instead of handling appointments, however, that calendar often contained a maximum load of doodles thanks to boredom, right? With a smartphone’s calendar, you get the ability to instantly plug-in an appointment and set a reminder for it that works for you. Your smartphone can even be your daily alarm clock! Helping you stay on task and keep track of your responsibilities – that’s why so many people love their smartphones.

Your Smartphone Can Even Change Your Behavior!

When you do something well, your smartphone has the ability to give you an instant reward to reinforce that good feeling you get from accomplishing something. It could be as simple as a message telling you that you did a good job for beating a level at your favorite game. Modern apps can even track behavioral choices and reward you with physical rewards, like a gift e-card to your favorite online store. When good behavior is immediately reinforced as “good,” it makes our brains want to do it more, creating the good habits we need to be productive.

From phone calls to picture messages and internet usage, the modern smartphone has the ability to do many things. Let it work for you to change your brain so that you can accomplish even more of your personal goals!

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