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10 Ways to Use Google Rich Snippets SEO


Are You Using Google Rich Snippets?

One of the easiest ways to entice someone to click on a link is to provide them with a brief description of what your site has to offer. These small little details, or “snippets,” are critical in your being able to gather the 60% of traffic that doesn’t just click on the top result of any given search. A “rich snippet” is something that can be filtered, allowing a user to get a fully customized search result! What does your rich snippet have to say about your website?

Rich Snippets Are Perfect For Ratings

One of the first things that users look toward when considering whether or not to do business with a company is their online reputation. Rather than focus on scam websites, an easy way to promote your online reputation is to include your ratings in with your rich snippet. Google solicits reviews and includes these reviews with your search engine results, so people are going to see it anyway! By including it, you can show people up front that you’ve earned a great reputation. If you’ve only got 1 star, however, this may not apply to you.

Put the Price of Your Product Up Front

Whether you’re selling concert tickets, shaving cream, or cookies from your grandmother’s unique recipe, the price of your product is often the final deal breaker in the mind of the consumer. By putting your price into the rich snippet, you can show people that you’re offering a fair, competitive price for your items. The down side of putting in your price is that if someone else has a better product at a better price, you’ll be ignored. Just make sure that doesn’t happen!

Embed Audio Files Into Your Rich Snippet

Perfect for the musician or motivational speaker, rich snippets have the unique ability to support audio files. This gives users the opportunity to sample your work without ever having to click through onto your website. Though this may not necessarily increase your overall CTR, it will give your work more exposure because there is no pressure whatsoever to commit to anything.

If you’ve got video content, the idea is similar to that of audio files. Websites that embed their video content into their rich snippets get over 40% better CTRs because people are attracted to video content, watching nearly 20 minutes worth of online videos, on average, per month.

What Could Rich Snippets Do For You?

Using Google’s rich snippets could be that last piece of the puzzle you need in order to solicit search engine traffic to your website. They are easy to use, informative for the end user, and can even be utilized as a sales mechanism or free bit of advertising with the right information embedded into them! Try using rich snippets for yourself today to maximize the traffic on your website!

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