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15 Good Google Local Search Optimization Tips


How Seo Can Benefit Your Company

Do you have your own company? Are you the manager of a business or corporation? If you help manage a company or are an owner yourself you value your customers. Since customers serve as a stepping stone for your business to gain stability and financial freedom in the long run, Search engines such as Google try to create the best search quality results for consumers via search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you truly know the importance of search results specially those results obtained on Google search engine? Search engines are vital and play a major role in searching for companies.

Inspect Your Current Status

Have you ever looked up your business on the web? Are you currently searching for a company’s products or services online? Do you have an online business featuring great products or services but your customers often times find it difficult to find you online? Local search plays a rather significant role in search results for Google.

How Local Searches Help Your Business

Local searches allow you to obtain information about the keywords, product, or business you currently searched. Although local searches tend to provide pertinent information, only businesses with a quality Google Places page will appear first after your local search. It is therefore essential to earn a high risk so that more online users can access your page because your business appears first.

Getting Your Business On Top

Do you want your business at the top of a Google Places page? There a five very helpful factors that you should consider for local searches. At the top of the list is Google Places page which allows you to verify the local listing of your business so that you can share information about your business with Google. The other four key factors include the physical address, proper category associations, proximity of address to Centroid, and the domain authority of the webpage.

Although most businesses strive to have their business website appear at least on the first page following the search results for Google, this is not always possible as there are harmful factors that tend to affect your ranking for local search. The top factors that prevent high ranking include mis-matched tracking phone numbers, the presence of numerous pages with the same phone number as well as the presence of multiple pages with the same business title and address.

Benefits of Ranking

What are the benefits of ranking high under Google’s search results? Since consumers and potential customers value the reviews and opinions of customers that have previously utilized services from a particular business, businesses profit from great Google reviews. Ace Plumbing had numerous excellent reviews which increased their ranking within Google’s local search. Customers are more willing to purchase products or seek services from well-trusted, highly ranked businesses.

See how your business is listed based on its ranking in the local searches for Google. Take advantage of SEO to help you increase the ranking of your business to a number one spot.

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