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29 Recording Industry Statistics and Trends

Recording Industry Statistics

Global trade revenue in the recording industry has seen a 0.2% rise last year. The recording industry has seen total revenue of $16.5 billion worldwide. This is broken down in the following segments.

Recording Industry Market Segment

1. Global Digital Sales – $5.8 billion (+8.0%)
2. Performance Rights – $943 million (+9.4%)
3. Synchronization – $337 million (+2.1%)
4. Physical Album – $9.4 billion (-5.0%)

Market Share

1. Physical Sales – 57%
2. Digital Sales – 35%
3. Performance Rights – 6%
4. Synchronization – 2%

Top Recording Industry Market Countries

The United States holds the top spot for sales in the recording industry hitting $4.48 billion. Trade value in records is estimated to be $1.53 billion, accounting for 34% of the overall domestic market. Japan has seen a 4% growth in their industry with revenues hitting $4.42 billion, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany. The top countries that share the recording market are listed below with their total value.

1. United States – $4.48 billion
2. Japan – $4.42 billion
3. United Kingdom – $1.33 billion
4. Germany – $1.29 billion
5. France – $907 million
6. Australia – $507 million
7. Canada – $453 million
8. Brazil – $257 million
9. Italy – $217 million
10. Netherlands – $216 million

The Future of the Music Industry

A discussion with Jay-Z on his take on the future of the music industry.

Growing Markets

Of the top 20 global markets, 8 nations in particular are expected to see future growth. These markets include:

• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• Japan
• Mexico
• Norway
• Sweden

As of 2012, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam have opened their first licensed music services making these nations great opportunities for emerging markets. In 2012, India also saw an all-time high in sales with Latin America labeled the fastest growing region of the year.

Modern Trends

The recording industry has seen revenues grow for the first time in years due to their adaptation towards the digital music industry. Because of this, download sales have seen a 12% rise. Digital album sales have increased 17% and single tracks have experiences an 8% rise. Subscription services increased 44%, hitting 20 million global paying subscribers.

With the rise in digital record sales, streaming platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, and other services have received 70% of the global digital revenues.

Guide to Piracy

Piracy costs Hollywood an estimated $6.1 billion in lost revenue each year. As the Avengers were leaked a week ahead of time, it still saw a $200 million box office opening in the United States. The RIAA has sued more than 12,000 people for sharing music up to $150,000 a song. Software piracy has seen a decline which is estimated to be due to the growing availability of digital software.

Guide to Piracy

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