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13 Ways Indoor Plants Increase Workplace Productivity


All too often, it seems like there is nature, and then there is the urban, commercial workspace. Nature, plants, and green things are kept to a minimum in working environments, which strive to maintain a professional and proficient working environment.

What if Nature Made People More Productive?

Think about this for a moment. If being exposed to nature makes people more efficient at their jobs, then it would seem that we are doing the wrong thing by keeping green leafy things out of the workplace. In actuality, plants have a power all their own to help people in a number of ways, including being more productive. Let’s take a look at the ways nature makes us more productive.

A Nice Place To Stay

When it comes to how much people like a place, a great deal has to do with the amount of nature and plants in the room. This was proven through an analysis of hospitality chain and satisfaction among those who stayed. When all other conditions were accounted for, it was found that people liked hotels 30% more when they were exposed to trees out of their window, as well as plants in their room.

A Nice Place To Learn

In addition to how much people liked a space, adding nature to a room can also increase the rate children learn and their performance overall. A number of schools were tested and plants were either put in the room or not. For those classrooms with a number of plants, there were noticeable gains in math and science scores. In addition, spelling increased dramatically.

A Nice Place To Work

When it comes to productivity, plants and including a little bit of nature has a wonderful improvement on performance. Specifically, one study noted a 15% increase in ideas and creativity with those employees who had plants in their working area. In addition, absenteeism was reduced noticeably when the entire working environment had plants.

Putting it All together…

The results of nature on our lives are dramatic. The next question you are asking yourself is “why does this happen?” There are a number of competing theories on the matter. However, as far as the scientific proof behind this theory, there are a number of psychological studies that found causal relationships between exposure to nature and increased performance, creativity, learning, and even sociability. So, add a few plants to your workspace and enjoy the benefits!

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