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51 Funny Bike Team Names

Almost half of communities in the United States desire an increasing availability of biking facilities. An estimated 64% increase in bike commuters have been on the rise the last decade. Most than half of these were purely for transportation reasons versus recreational. For Americans that bike regularly, they are 48% less likely to become overweight and can increase their health. A selection of bike team names from existing teams are listed below to help inspire the collaboration of your own team.

10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots
Abusement Park
Ain’t Got No Brakes
Aisle of Man
Backcountry Babes
Bat Attitudes
Beyond the Cue Sheet
Breaking Wind
Chicks Dig Air Balls
Drinkers with a Running Problem
Estrogen Express
Gears N Beers
Going the Distance
I Be Pro Fun
Iron Black
Kicking Asphault
My Mom Thinks I’m Fast
Not Fast, Just Furious
Off in the Woods
One Gear Full Beer
One Hit Wonders
Pitches Be Crazy
Pokey Moms
Raw Doggers
Road Rascals
Run Like the Winded
Saddle Tramps
Single Speed Sweetness
Sit and Spin
So Not Cool
Spider Patrol
Spin Doctors
Stop, Talk and Smack
Sugar Cycles
The C Team
The Spinerettes
The Young and The Rest of Us
Three the Hard Way
Toenails are overrated
Tortoise Guts
Tour Be Here
Tour de Friends
Triple Threat
We Saved the Best for Last
Weakened Warriors
Wheel Club
Wolf Pack
Worst Pace Scenario
Your Pace or Mine?

The following infographic outlines the current trends and statistics of bikers in the United States. Considered to be cost effective in many town, more than one third of adults are considered to be obese. Each day an American drives a vehicle, they can increase their obesity risks by 6%. Exercising regularly helps to increase self esteem and decrease depression.

Benefits of Riding a Bike

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