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125 Funny School Campaign Slogans and Ideas for Posters

Here are some of the best funny school campaign slogans and ideas for posters to display this year. These catchy school campaign slogans will help inspire you to come up with your own slogan ideas.

(Name): Because You’re Worth It.
A Better School for A Better Tomorrow.
A Candidate with Integrity, Honesty, and Experience.
A Change We Need. A Voice We Deserve.
A Fresh Face, a Fresh Start.
A Leader Who Listens.
A Passion For Education.
A Vote For (Name) Is A Vote For Action!
A vote for me is a vote for pizza ALL OF THE TIME.
An Everyday Man Working For Everyday People.
Are you better off then you were four months ago?
Because Experience Matters.
Best candidate for (position).
Born To Lead.
Bringing back nap time, 2014!
Building for the Future.
Building Our Future Together.
Cast your ballot, have you heard? (name) for student council secretary, spread the word!
Choose (Name) To Get Things Done.
Choose (Name), Get Action.
Choose Bob For Change.
Count On Someone Who Can Count For Treasurer!
Cut Wasteful Spending.
Dedication Is What We Need.
Dodge the Bullet. Vote for the Guy with the Mullet.
Don’t “Blow” It…”Chews” Me For President!
Don’t be a Sucker. Vote for (name).
Don’t Be Shy. Give Me A Try!
Don’t trash your vote – Choose [Insert Your Name]
Education Is Key.
Elect me and varsity will go far-sity!
Everyone Sayz, (Name) For Prez.
Experience & Knowledge.
Experience, Knowledge, Common Sense.
Experience. Commitment. Impact.
Fiscal Responsibility.
Follow (name) on the road to success.
For Good Fortune, Vote for (name) for (position).
For Our Children’s Tomorrow, Elect Me Today.
Free Drinks on Me.
Freedom. Liberty. Better Vending Machines.
Get Serious, Get the Best.
Giving the middle class their lunch money back.
Got (name)? She does a student body good.
Government By The People.
Hard Choices. Better Schools.
Have No Fear. Vote For Me For A Great Year.
Hey! Who’s the best candidate for (position)? (Name), of course!
Hey, I just met you and this is crazy! But here’s my poster… So vote for me, maybe? [Insert Your Name] for Treasurer!
Hometown Born and Raised.
Honesty & Hardwork.
I can do it, you can help.
I don’t run very often, but when I do, it’s for PRESIDENT – [Insert Your Name] 4 President.
I mustache you a question – Will you vote for me? [Insert Your Name] for President.
I will get you all fives on your AP tests. Don’t worry, I know a guy.
I’ll keep us from being invaded by wombats. Sure it hasn’t happened yet, but why risk it?
I’m not asking for you to vote for me. I’m just asking you to check the box next to my name.
I’m the missing Piece, vote for me – [Insert Your Name]
I’m Voting For That One. That One That Won.
If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right!
If You are reading this, vote for [Insert Your Name]
If you Can Read This Vote for (Name)
If You Want Success, Vote For The Best.
It’s first period in America!
Justin is your man in a zombie apocalypse. Vote for [Insert Your Name]
Leadership & Courage for the People.
Let’s Get Things Done.
Let’s share a slice of success together. Vote for (name).
Like baseball? Throw your vote to [Insert Your Name]
Made you LOOK! Vote for [Insert Your Name]
Making Our Schools Great.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Who is the best Vote for them all? [Insert Your Name] for President!
New Leadership for Changing Times.
New Voice. New Vision.
Oh say can you see, that you should vote for me!
Open Your Mind, Improve Your School.
Opening doors for new opportunities. Vote for (name).
Our Children, Our Community, Our Future.
Proven Leadership That Listens.
Putting Students First.
Read my lips, no new homework!
Refuse To Be Ordinary.
Restore our School District.
Seek Something Better.
Show me the Money! (name) for treasurer.
Sincere. Honest. Gracious.
Solar pencil sharpeners for all the classrooms!
Someone You Can Believe In.
Sound The Alarm! It’s Time For Change.
Stop Violence in Our Schools.
Strong on Education.
Team Work Makes The Dream Work.
Thank (Name) It’s Friday.
Their Education, Their Life, Their School. Their Time Is Now!
There’s No Competition. Vote For Me.
Think outside the box. Vote for (name).
This little piggy chose [Insert Your Name]
Till I Solve All Your Problems, I Will Not Rest.
Tomorrow Is Looking Great.
Trim construction paper, not the art budget!
Two, four, six, eight! Vote for (Name), don’t be late.
U + Me = #1 prez.
U.S. ME! U.S. ME!
Unity. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, Just Vote.
Vote [Insert Your Name]! Just Do it.
Vote Better!
Vote for (name), the man with the plan.
Vote for [Insert Your Name]! Abraham Lincoln could probably have done a better job, but he is a little indisposed for now.
Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true!
Vote for me if you want movies shown for every class!
Vote for me, success, change, and future.
Vote For The Man With A Plan.
Vote. If you vote wrong, the whole thing goes downhill.
Wanted [Insert Your Name] for Secretary. Reward – A Great Year!
WANTED: (name) for (position). REWARD: A great year.
We Like (Name), Yes We Do! We Voted For (Name) And So Should You!
We like [Insert Your Name], yes we do! We will vote for her, and so should you.
When election day comes, we know you’ll get that multiple choice right!
Willing, Ready, and Able to Serve.
You mean you DID NOT vote for [Insert Your Name]?
You Vote For Me, You Vote For The Best.
You’ve Never Had It This Good.
Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now.
Your Voice of Reason.
Your Voice. Your Vote.

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