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12 Non Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Traditional wedding invitations focus on white or cream color cardstock. A more modern invitation allows for variations in colors to be used. Once considered taboo, using a black border on your invitations can make them now seem chic. An estimated 45% of weddings in recent days are considered to be encore events, meaning the bride and/or groom have been married before. This has led to more grooms and even children to become involved in the planning and invitation process. A selection of non traditional wedding invitation wording ideas are listed below to help encourage your own unique invite.

[bride name] and [groom name] invite you to celebrate our marriage ad share the joy as we exchange marriage vows.

A fresh new day, and it is ours. A day of happy beginnings when we, [bride name] and [groom name] pledge our love as one.

Because you have shared in their lives by your friendship and love, you are invited to share with our daughter, [bride name] and [groom name] when they exchange marriage vows and begin their new life together.

Because you have shared our lives by your friendship and love we, [bride name] and [groom name] in collaboration with our parents invite you to share the beginning of our new life together.

Each hour, each day, each year. We grow as two, yet as one, We grow apart, yet together.

First comes love, now comes marriage. Come celebrate with us as [bride name] and [groom name] tie the knot.

Forming an eternal love. We, [bride name] and [groom name] together with our parents invite you to share in the celebration of our marriage.

Please celebrate with us [bride name] and [groom name] as we begin our best work together on [date] at [time] and [location].

Please join us as we celebrate new beginnings, new dreams, and most importantly, new love at the marriage of [bride name] and [groom name].

Please join us for a celebration of Love, friendship, laughter, and family as [bride name] and [groom name] join hands in holy matrimony.

Something borrowed and something blue, some things are old, somethings are new. Someone to care and share your life, the dream of every husband and wife. Please join us [bride name] and [groom name] as we are married on [date] and [location].

Together with our parents, we invite you to share our joy and support our love, as we exchange vows and celebrate our marriage.

The average wedding in the United States costs $28,000, excluding the honeymoon. More than half of wedded couples end up spending more on their big day than originally planned. Planning a less traditional wedding can save you more in the long run by using the following tips as outlined in the infographic.

Saving Money on Modern Wedding

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