List of 30 Cool Skate Team Names

Ice skating was considered to be a popular sport in the mid 19th century. Modern figure skating as we know today was adapted by a ballet dancer in the United States that added dance moves to his ice skating routines. The blades of ice skates were once made from bones of animals such as cows, horses, and deer before being strapped to the feet. The word skate roots from the Dutch work meaning leg bone. A listing of skate team names are perfect for competitors and couples looking to compete or have just fun on the ice.

Blue Arrows
Epic Edge
Fire on Ice
Hurricanes on Ice
Ice Breakers
Ice Energy
Ice Evolution
Ice Waves
Lemon Ice
Mentor Ice Diamonds
Mirror Images
New Horizons
Silver Jets
Skating Graces
Sun City Sweets
Team Apollo
Team Boomerang
Team Fintastic
Team Orion
Team Passion
Team Spirit
Team Temptation
The Blades
The Ice Man
The Sharper Edge

The below infographic outlines the fun facts and ranking actors that go into free skating and figure skating dynamics. An average 150 pound male skater can land a jump with the force of a one year old elephant when figure skating. Figure skating was originally added to the Olympics in 1908 and considered to be the first Winter sport 16 years later when the Winter Olympics started.

Figure Skating Interesting Facts