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13 New Mobile App Usage Statistics and Trends


Now Is the Time To Create Your Own App

In a recent survey covering several countries, more than 80% of smartphone users said that there are apps on their phones that are so critical to how they go about their lives that they use them every single day. With e-mail, Facebook, and alarm clocks leading the list of most used apps, nearly 75% of all people say that they use up to 10 apps every single day. Some people said that they easily use 50 apps each day!

What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re trying to start a mobile marketing campaign, one of the best ways you can reach your targeted consumers is by offering them an app that gives their lives added value.

People Say They’d Rather Skip Coffee Than Delete Apps

That’s right – a third of respondents in this survey of smartphone owners said they’d rather give up coffee for an eternity rather than delete an app for an eternity. That in itself shows the intrinsic value that an app holds for many people! It becomes part of their lives and they are unwilling to let that app go, even if they don’t use it every day.

Apps have become so intertwined in a smartphone owner’s daily life activities that many of them say they can’t even live a normal life without being able to access apps. Though checking e-mail is by far the most popular lifestyle need, there were high marks in some categories that might surprise you. Without an app, people said they couldn’t:

• maintain a relationship with someone else.
• navigate to work effectively.
• wake up on time.
• find dates, or even.
• order dinner.

That’s why you need an app today. Apps are what reach people!

What Needs To Be In Your App?

The easy answer to that question is value. Your targeted audience must believe there is a sense of value that they receive when they use your app. It could be exclusive recipes, coupons that are only offered through the app, or even unpublished interviews with business experts about how to more effectively use apps! If you target the needs of your targeted end user and can then meet those needs affordably and effectively, you’ll likely have a consumer for life!

The development of an app can be an expensive proposition, but is it more expensive than losing hot leads to your competitors because they have an app and you don’t? Your business app might not be as popular as an e-mail app or Facebook, but it could have an impact on your profit margins in a good way. Start the process of developing your own app today to see how much of your customer base you could impact in a positive way!

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