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15 Fantastic Workplace Flexibility Statistics

Workplace Flexibility Statistics

Workplace Flexibility

What is workplace flexibility?

It is one which gives the employee the freedom of choice with respect to making decisions and increasing productivity levels in the workplace. Research has shown that out of 3 workers in the United States, one sees the flexibility and work life balance as an important factor when considering a job offer. As compared to baby boomers, generation 3x are more likely to quit their jobs as a result of lack of flexibility. Millennials surpassed generation X to become the largest share of a generation in the workforce.

It has been discovered that the leading cause of unscheduled absence from work in the United States is stress. This is causing United States employers about $300 billion. Flexibility in work place has been discovered to reduce stress. Discoveries made from a study revealed that workers who telecommunte tend to have a more balanced work like and family. Telecommuting reduces absenteeism by almost 60%.

Over 90% of the sampled 150 senior level corporate executive admitted to flexible workplace strategies helping to meet business goals. Results of a similar nature was observed when a study was conducted over a year of two years on 1,400 workers comprising 70% of managers and 87% of workers. It is generally admitted that work place flexibility increases productivity.

Talented, experienced, and most committed workers are attracted by workplace flexibility. They are happier, more productive and loyal to employers as compared to others on the flip side of the coin.

Beyond 9-5 Work Weeks

From studies, it was discovered that for every 5 persons, 1 checked their work mail before 7am. 60% check their email before 8:30am while 60% check after 6:30pm. Basically by 7:42am, workers check work emails, get into the office by 8:15 and leave by 5:48 and stop work by 7:19.

From the above, it is obvious that all day they are in work mode for 12 hours in a day even if they are not in the office.

As far as the boss is concerned, he is relaxed because he believes that his staff are working long before they get into the office and even after 5pm. As far as calling staff in the evening is concerned, over 70% of bosses see nothing wrong with it. 75% of employers now empower their employees with mobile tools to get the job done from anywhere they are while 20% of employers in the United States provide their employees with anything needed to get the job done on the move. These include email services, network drivers, as well as cloud services. 64 percent of companies don’t have formal policies and only 3 percent of organizations measure performance, engagement, and productivity to quantify ROI.

The nature of accomplishment of the job has been modified by technology. Conference calls are not modified by:
1. Google Hangout
2. Skype
3. Halo System
4. Pocket Projectors
5. Internal Chat Systems

Other services provided by Xerox Mobile print and Cisco WebEx has completely changed the traditional office. This has gone beyond the regular office desk which has laptops, tablets and phones.

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