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13 Halloween Crime Statistics

Halloween Crime Statistics

Halloween is a time of year where many children are left out trick or treating and found to be vulnerable. However statistics show that crimes against children ages 12 and younger do not differ during this particular time of year. A listing of the dangers that are posed to children on this season is listed below.

Dangers on Halloween

Car Accidents
Statistics show that on Halloween, children between the ages of 5 and 14 are four times more likely to be killed by a car than any other day of year. This is even increased due to alcohol related crimes.

Poisoned Candy
This danger is actually considered to be more of a myth as statistics show children are at more risk of being hit by a car than anything else.

Safety Tips for Children on Halloween

The below video goes over some safety tips for children on Halloween to keep them safe during trick or treating.

Staying Safe

Here are 10 tips for keeping children safe on Halloween.

1. Make sure to keep your yard and sidewalk clear of any obstacles so children do not fall.
2. Keep your house well lit inside and out.
3. Have neighbors and local citizens patrol the community.
4. Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police or sheriff’s office.
5. Try makeup instead of masks as they are more comfortable and do not obstruct the vision of children.
6. Check to make sure costumes are flame retardant so young ones are safe around jack o lanterns, candles, and other flames.
7. Keep costumes short to ensure that children do not fall.
8. Look for brightly colored costumes or attach reflector trips to costumes and bags.
9. Older children should trick or treat in groups.
10. If a costume involves a fake weapon, make sure it is of flexible material.

United States Crime Rates

The United States has the largest amount of offenses that occur on the streets and highways. With robbery being the number one crime normally performed with firearm or strong arming the victim. The second highest crime seen is in residential burglary with over 1 million offenses occurring each year.

US Crime Statistics

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