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12 Best Long Term Care Marketing Ideas

The population segment that needs long term care is expected to continue to grow over the next decade, which means you’ve got a good opportunity right now to market your services and expand your market share. A common mistake that is made in this field, however, is to assume that everyone who needs long term care fits into a specific age demographic. Even someone who is 55 will react differently than someone who is 65. Some people who need long term care may even be in their 20’s. Select your niche and market to that target demographic first and foremost before expanding your efforts.

It all starts with your overall accessibility. If you’ve got the ability to have an overview of your services viewed on all of today’s commonly used platforms, then you’ll be able to answer questions proactively. This allows households to make an empowered decision more rapidly and if you’ve provided the key information in that decision in an effective way, then you’ll be one of the leading contenders to provide the care that is needed for a loved one.

Effective Long Term Care Marketing Ideas

1. Eliminate the Fear
The idea of placing a loved one into the care of someone else for the long term is scary and that fear can lead some people to abandon their plans. Many of the fears that loved ones have is in regards to safety, but there is also a feeling of guilt associated with the placement process because family members may feel like they are abandoning their loved ones. Virtual tours, access to inspections and safety records, and instant access to loved ones are all ways to navigate these fears.

2. Show Value
What makes your care stand out is what should be at the forefront of all of your marketing efforts. If you have private rooms where families can meet and have free coffee, then tell people this. If you have Wi-Fi available in every room, then don’t forget to mention it. Even the size of your room can be an advantage, so be forthright with your details and you’ll give people the information they need to make a decision.

3. Bring People In
Most people utilize marketing materials in this industry to answer questions they have about the care you’re able to provide. Bring people in by inviting them to see your facilities, how you care for people, and by making this information be presented in a dynamic way.

4. Don’t Hide the Email
Email marketing is a very effective component of this industry because so many long term care facilities seem to do their best to stay OUT of contact with their customer base. A monthly newsletter sent of email can help keep families informed of what is going on and emails about the industry in general or how to save on future costs will help to prove the value of your overall expertise.

5. Network With Providers
Many long term care facilities need personalized assistance from medical professionals to maintain a high quality of care. That means getting people to doctor appointments, having regular check-ups, and being able to quickly recognize an emergency situation when it develops. Network with providers so that transportation can be easily arranged, families can be involved, and nursing staff or doctors can come through and make regular rounds. This will also give families more confidence in your competence to provide long term care.

6. Testimonials Are Cornerstones
The best way to gauge how good a long term care facility is operating is to get unsolicited testimonials about how good a facility or caregiver happens to be. Of course there will always be folks who are discontent for some reason, but that is still valuable feedback that can be used to improve services.

7. Join Local Associations
More involvement in community matters means more opportunities to have people see the good work that you’re doing. Evidence that people see with their eyes about the quality of the care you’re able to provide is the best marketing materials that you can provide anyone. Why? Because people talk about the good… and the bad.

8. Be Professional
You don’t need to approach people about their long term care needs when they’re busy running errands. The days of taking the cold call approach to a personalized conversation are long, long gone. Be professional with your marketing approach and present your sales approach in public forums, like your website, instead of accosting people for cash.

9. Make Referrals Worthwhile
Money talks. A box of chocolates does not. If you want people to refer others to you, then you’ve got to make it worth their while. Give them discounts on the services they receive, offer direct cash back, and make sure that the family who was referred gets some skin in the game as well.

10. It’s About the Hospitality
Long term care that combines clinical care with professional hospitality are finding the most success because it creates an inviting, healing environment. Your entrance areas and your lobbies are the first impressions that people will have of your organization. If these are in poor condition, then families will believe you will keep their loved ones in a poor condition as well.

11. Create Interactive Events
Having events where families can be interactive with their loved ones who are receiving long term care is a great way to boost everyone’s morale and provide the local media with a good story opportunity. Create a press release for these interactive events so you can get some free press, but put even more effort into the events that you have themselves. Consider partnering with other organizations to help increase exposure even further and that will help you get some extra hands during that time as well in case you need them.

12. Get Referrals
If someone needs long term care as they are discharged from your local hospital, will they come to your facility? Network with other providers so you can get onto their referral list.

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