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18 Cool Ways to Tie Ties


A necktie is an imperative inclusion in formalwear. Whether you are heading for work or you have a black-tie event, you need to know how to tie a necktie. It doesn’t take much expertise or experience to tie a necktie but you need to know how to meander the necktie to form the knots. There is no standard approach to tie a necktie. There are as many as 18 ways to tie necktie.

In the info-graphic, 18 Ways To Tie Necktie, you would get an idea of various ways to tie a necktie and you shall also be introduced to the different kinds of knots that exist. Namely, there are eighteen types of knots – Four in Hand Knot, Half Windsor Knot, Full Windsor Knot, Nicky Knot, Bow Tie, Kelvin Knot, Oriental Knot, Pratt Knot, St. Andrew Knot, Balthus Knot, Hanover Knot, Plattsburgh Knot, Grantchester Knot, Victoria Knot, Cafe Knot, Eldredge Tie Knot, Trinity Knot and Christensen Knot.

Some knots are very simple and can be tied up in a few seconds such as the Four in Hand Knot, then there are some mildly sophisticated knots such as the Windsor Knots, both the half and the full variants. The Nicky Knots and the Eldredge Tie Knots are among the more sophisticated ways to tie a necktie. The more sophisticated the knots, the more complicated the ways to tie them are. Depending on the design and form of the knot, the complication can range from a four step way to as many as a dozen steps.

18 Ways To Tie Necktie will introduce you to all the knots, the level of their complications, the sophistry of the design and every step that you need to indulge in to tie the necktie. The images associated with the text shall show you exactly how you should hold the necktie, which arm you should tweak and meander through the other and eventually form the knot.

Tying a necktie is an art. The more focused you are and care you take to tie the knot, the better it would look. Every type of formal wear demands a certain kind of knot. You can check out which knots would suit the type of shirt you wear, the type of suit, blazer or overcoat you are putting on. With the 18 ways to tie necktie, you will never run out of an interesting knot, regardless of where you go.

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