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11 Examples of Facebook Viral Marketing Success

Social media and social networks are still in their nascent stages. People are still trying to find out what works and what doesn’t work in online marketing, particularly on social networks like Facebook. Some contents go viral in no time and some contents do not get any traction at all.

A guide to the top tips to follow for marketing your Facebook page to increase engagement and fans.

Strategies for Facebook Marketing

The Secret Sauce

What segregates the posts that go viral from other posts?

There are several answers to that question and all of those happen to be the secret ingredients to viral Facebook posts. There is a method to the madness that happens on social networks and social media. All one has to do is understand the madness, decipher it to assess the implications and then set sail in the right direction.

Selling Yourself

What sells? The answer is everything. This is an integral element, a secret ingredient to viral Facebook posts. But you cannot sell anything on Facebook unless it is targeted at the right audience in the right manner through the right content.

Get the Content Right

What is the right content? The answer is relevant information that has an emotional connect, shocking or surprising element, a level of humor or satire, mass appeal and thought provoking messaging.

Thus, a post that targets young people and manages to humor them with thought provoking content on love, relationships, friendships or anything that is trendy, which may be anything from the latest smart phone to the newly launched superbike, would always get more impressions, likes, comments and will get shared more.

If some content shocks people, surprises them, makes them enlightened or compel them to take action such as react to the post, compare or vote, participate or win, or do something similar then that content will always get more attention. Getting the desired level of attention from social network users is the first step to make a post go viral. There is no magic wand that can wish away all the challenges and pave the way for a hundred thousand likes or impressions. There are many basic elements and some exclusive or unique elements depending on the nature and content of the post that all contribute to the eventual potential of the content.

The Secret Ingredients To Viral Facebook Posts will take you through some memorable posts and the ingredients that made them viral. This compilation would shed light on some very interesting aspects of content marketing and social networking as well as give you instances that can help you to understand how to actually come up with the right recipe.

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