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15 Webdesign Trends that are Making this Year Visually Stunning


There is a lot of money when it comes to design. That is because design, when put into a marketing position, can make millions of people buy your products or relate on a truly emotional level. Understand design then, is crucial to any company or person hoping to have success in the current marketplace. From examining universal trends in design, to a careful look at local trends, searching, fonts, and image graphics, we will take apart the top trends for design in 2014.

Trends That Work Everywhere

There are only a few universal trends out there in design, making the ones we include extra important if you are looking to reach a broader audience with your design marketing. The first thing to consider is authenticity. Authenticity is universal because it speaks to the human condition and very basic things every person experiences. By placing design in real life settings, we set the stage for content people are increasingly likely to click on. In addition, the idea of flat design has recently increased in popularity. This is mostly true with pictures that are designed to make all objects flat, basic, and clearly defined. Finally, the last trend to become popular is filtering. This is where photography taken with a grainy or otherwise filtered quality are used.

Trends That Work Locally

Things trending locally will depend entirely on where you are and who you are marketing to. For example, business related design is increasing in popularity In the United States, while rituals and customs is making a resurgence in Argentina. While Australia is sporting an increase in natural environment design, Korea is sporting handcrafted design. As you can see, what is currently popular is as varied as your location.

Trends in Searching

Another important thing to consider in design trends is searching and what terms are becoming increasingly popular. For example, infographics have increased in popularity by over 332%. Pop culture can help increase search terms. For example, Gatsby has increased by 625% because of the recent release of the movie. Whether these trends are expected to stay however is entirely questionable.

Trends in Fonts and Imagery

Colorful and diverse fonts and imagery are taking central stage in design. This includes things that stick out, and possess their own form of vibrancy. With text, geometric and signage inspired fonts are very popular. With pictures, vibrancy and simplicity are in.

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