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5 Good Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas

Cub scouts are amazing individuals that are able to step out into the wild and really know what they are doing. These scouts learn how to find water, know which plants to eat and do a lot of other interesting activities. However, many of the excursions that a leader wants to go on will be costly. This means that fundraising must take place throughout the year.

There are many Cub Scout fundraising ideas wherein a troop will be able to earn the funds needed to truly fund their troop.

1. Sponsor Giveaways

A new trend is being seen where troops no longer have to sit out in the cold with collection cans. Many local sponsors are willing to give away free goods so that locals can come and donate money.

Food is the major sponsor seen and breakfast seems to be a very popular choice. With these giveaways, it is possible for sponsors to provide food for free. This food is accompanied with a donation for the local troop. The sponsor is able to do this because they are offering their services to locals and receiving free advertising in return.

There are also other sponsors willing to do the same thing. This may mean a free ice cream with a donation or simply asking for donations from regular customers.

Sponsor donated items are also very popular. These items can be anything from a free baseball jersey to a survival knife. These items are normally auctioned or raffled off so that all of the proceeds can go to the cub scouts.

2. Recycling Ideas

Local recycling drives are a great way to start a fundraiser. One of the best ways is to provide a recycling center for Christmas trees. Troops will often recycle a tree for a $5 donation that goes to benefit the entire group.

Being a cub scout, the group will know the proper way to recycle or dispose of the tree. The tree may also be used for other activities that the group takes part in. Through the use of recycling, both the community and the troop will be able to benefit greatly.

The other recycling option is very popular. This involves Cub Scouts going to beaches and parks to collect cans that litter the area. These cans are very profitable and will provide a small return. The goal is to collect enough cans to turn them in at a scrap metal yard. This cleans up the environment and provides a great use for the metal.

3. Car Wash

Local car washes are a very popular fundraising choice for any type of fundraising taking place. The idea is that the troop will wash the exterior of the vehicle, wax it and even dry it to perfection. This is something that is much cheaper than an automatic car wash and will go over greatly in any neighborhood.

These car washes are perfect right after a rain storm when cars need to have dirt and mud washed off of them.

4. Clothing Drive

Many companies will pay for troops to collect unwanted clothing. In fact, these companies will also provide the clothing container and take care of the entire transport process. A troop in a bigger city will be able to advertise in local papers and see a huge turnout.

These drives usually take place for an entire month and many troops boast that they have made over $3,000 through this method in a single month. For just a little time, this is definitely one of the easier ways to have clothes donated – and it is profitable.

5. Festivals

Local festivals are ripe with opportunity. A troop can setup booths with games or dunking stations wherein a donation is given. While these will not be available all year long, they are definitely a viable option during spring and summer.

Selling baked goods is also a great option. Every member of a troop can bring a batch of baked goods and sell them for a dollar or more each. This will provide a great overall return and will certainly be an option that every troop has open to them.

When it comes to Cub Scout fundraising ideas, there are many options available. The local community normally wants something in return for donations which means that a good or service will need to be provided. During the winter months, shoveling driveways is often a great way to bring in a bit of extra revenue that would not be possible otherwise.

The spring and summer can involve numerous different ideas. Troops can choose to mow lawns, rake leaves or attend carnivals. Providing a free course on some of the more fun techniques shown to members is definitely an option too. When in doubt, bake sales will also be an option that is rather fun and easy to put together.

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