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6 Top HootSuite Competitors

One of the most effective ways for a business to gather more organic traffic to their website is through effective management of a social media campaign. Hootsuite does this by allowing a user to manage several different profiles, schedule posts, and track brand recognition through one easy-to-use platform. There are three different levels of access to Hootsuite, including a free account.

There are also several competitors to Hootsuite that offer specific advantages on their own social media management platforms. Let’s take a look at these right now.

Buffer – https://bufferapp.com/

Like Hootsuite, Buffer allows you to schedule specific posts to your social media accounts, including LinkedIn. The advantage that Buffer has is that it allows a user to tailor very specific scheduling times for each network instead of at a projected “best time.” You also get analytics about who is seeing your posts in an easy-to-understand format so that anyone with a small business can benefit from using the tool.


SocialOomph – https://www.socialoomph.com/

The focus of SocialOomph is to increase overall productivity. If you’ve ever tried to manually manage your social media accounts, then you know that following back people and checking for messages or new conversations can take up a ton of time if you’ve got multiple social media accounts. Here you can put everything into one place and automate a lot of your common tasks, making it a useful complimentary tool to your campaign.


TweepI – https://tweepi.com/

The idea of using Twitter effectively is to make sure you’re engaging active accounts that want to be following you. TweepI helps you recognize how many people are following you and who you aren’t following out of those people. The free version is the same as the pro version in helping you flush unfollowers, but the pro version lets you take care of 200 accounts at a time. You can also force people to unfollow you through TweepI, sometimes a much needed feature.


SocialFlow – https://www.socialflow.com/

What’s nice about SocialFlow is the fact that it tracks real-time conversations from social media to help you determine when your optimum posting times will be. Facebook especially has made posting difficult because if a users doesn’t engage with your specific pages regularly, they’ll likely not ever see the feeds you are sending through! SocialFlow helps you predict user behavior for maximum viewing potential and it is so accurate that most top online posters are utilizing this app.


SproutSocial – https://sproutsocial.com/

If you want basic management of your social media presence without any bells and whistles, then this is the app for you. With one inbox and one easy-to-use platform that lets you schedule posts out to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you’ll never miss a message or an opportunity to engage someone.


CrowdBooster – https://crowdbooster.com/

And finally, if analytics are more what you need than the ability to engage multiple people on multiple platforms, then CrowdBooster could be the answer you’re seeking. It gives you analytics at a glance and provides recommendations based on your own statistics on how to improve them and ultimately optimize your delivery.


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