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10 Ways to Have a Great Interactive Customer Experience

10 Ways to Find True Love with Customers

The Best Of The Customer Service Industry

The Customer Service industry is known to us all. Whether we have worked in customer service, or been the person in line waiting to be helped, we’ve all had our share of good and bad service experiences. The mark of good customer service is the customer leaving happy, willing to continue the relationship, and telling their friends just how much they appreciate what has been done for them. While it is impossible to guarantee great customer service every time, there are several things that improve the chances of pleasing most customers.

Offer Respect

The first key to a customer leaving happy is treating him like a person, not a number in the machine. Listening to his concerns in earnest, without being too pushy for him to continue goes a long way. It’s almost like you are his friend by proxy. If you don’t respect his space he’ll get fed up and walk away, but if you don’t pay attention to what he’s saying, he’s likely to become angry. Over half of consumers will pay more for a service if they have had a good experience.

Be Honest

The next key to excellent customer service is honesty. This includes several aspects of service. When you tell a customer you will be calling for a follow up, call on time. Be honest with the estimation of how long an event will take. When mistakes are made, be honest about that too, and apologize sincerely. Above all, taking responsibility for your actions instead of laying blame on the customer will help build trust in your clientele.

Build Trust

Building trust with customers is of utmost importance. If there are changes occurring within the company or the rendering of a service happening or pending, let your customers know. It gives them the chance to think about what is changing, giving them the option to discontinue service, or find that the trust and good service is worth dealing with a little change. Surprising consumers is not a great way to handle customer service. Let’s face it, most of us don’t really like change anyway, and are likely to become angry if we know something could have been done to inform us ahead of time.

Close Deal

A great way to ensure good service is closing the deal amicably. Once the issue is resolved, continue to treat your customers with respect. If you treat them as you did when you first met them and consistently show them great service skills, they will be happy to return, not obligated. Asking for customer input makes them feel like they are an important part of your machine. It lets them know that their voice is heard; that they are a partner in their own right. Remember a business is only as stable as their customer base.

Give Thanks

The final thing to remember in rendering great customer service is thanking your customers at the end of each transaction. When you thank your customers you are making them feel appreciated. It lets them know that you value their business. By thanking them you are saying, “Even though we’ve had an issue, we’ve gotten it resolved, and we are glad you brought it to our attention. We can now improve our business because you let us know where it was falling short. We look forward to seeing you next time,” all in two little words.

Treat Customers Equally

The overall theme in good customer service is to treat your customers the way you would want to be treated if you were on the other side of the line. Chances are you’ve had your own bad experience on the other side of that line. Remember how you felt when you were there and make every effort to not make your customers feel the same way. Using these techniques will improve your customer happiness and likewise your business.

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