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US and International Consumer Ecommerce Behavior Statistics

The International Conversion Mystery

International Versus US Consumer Behavior

If you’re going to be traveling most of the times you are going to need to know how conversion applies to each country. Internationally, the merchants may not know that you didn’t mean to overpay them. It is important to understand.

With the power of the internet most consumers reach out searching for the best price on their items and are looking for better deals. The sale virtually has increased by thirteen percent. Ecommerce makes up for $1.4 billion dollars of sales.

Internationally consumers buy almost 90% of their goods electronically. The total of the average orders is over $100.00.

The reasoning for using ecommerce is saving time, finding better deals and finding products that can’t be found elsewhere. International shoppers spend nearly 40% of the ecommerce shopping.

Europeans generally use the internet to research their purchase they are deterred by shipping cost, but are comfortable using pay pal to pay for their transaction.

I pads make up 93.40% of how consumers shop for their product. Smart phones make up the next highest percentage traditional computers are the lower end of the spectrum.

The UK leads the world in growing ecommerce where 1 in three purchases things online. Most have multiple devices and have bought from their smart phone.

France follows close behind, then by Germany, and then China. China was slow to enter into ecommerce, but at one point or another China will surpass the United States. This is expected to take place sometime in 2015.

To insure successful business overseas it is imperative to do the research and make sure that the shipping is fair. Researching languages and show casing international shipping can go a long ways.

Language barriers sometimes offer problems and method of payment is important too. Offering PayPal can insure the safety of the transaction and more overseas buyers prefer it. It is a safety net in case something is wrong with their product.

It is also important to research global shipping options. Some carriers have restrictions for items and weight or height restrictions as well. It is important not to undercut yourself on these transactions.

Reputation is powerful when winning over new consumers from overseas. EBay is one of the easiest sites to use and it is a powerful tool to sell products overseas. They offer many types of conversion calculators to make sure it is converged correctly.

Amazon is another highly sought after site and it too offers conversion calculators. By doing the research to find the highest selling sites, it also saves you time and money on your listings. It also offers the maximum amount of exposure for your company or service.

Both Amazon, PayPal, and eBay all offer rewards programs for using their service and this is often a good tool for your business as well.

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