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19 Russian Consumer and Online Marketing Statistics

How to Promote Business Online in Russia

How To Promote Your Business Online In Russia

Ever wondered how to promote your business online in Russia? Well, here are some quick facts about Russia: 143 million or more is the country’s popularity, with 65 million or more Internet users. That’s only a 45.5 percent penetration.

The e-commerce turnover is 8 billion yearly. There is a 30 percent year over year growth of online businesses promoted in Russia. This is very significant in the marketing industry. It can really help your business growth and revenue to promote your business in Russia. This article will arm you with some information that can help you make your business a success in the online Russian market place.

Here are the stats on the most important traffic sources in Russia: For the search marketplace, Yandex is the most popular at 53 percent. Google is second at 36 percent. Mail.ru is at 9 percent and Other is at 2 percent. It is important to note that every country is different when it comes to their favorite search engine. Google is not necessarily number one in every country across the globe. Russia prefers Yandex.

Pay Per Click and CPA marketing is popular in Russia, just like anywhere else. The most important Pay Per Click and CPA traffic sources are as follows: Google AdWords is generally the biggest opportunity. Direct. Yandex is huge, allowing advertising in the search results on the Yandex Advertising Network. This provides discounts for agencies, so you can hire an agency for free.

Vkontakte has 41 million or more daily users, so it is one of the most crucial traffic sources in Russia. This enables you to run Pay Per Click campaigns and also targets ads on your users’ position like LinkedIn.

Facebook is very popular in Russia, with 7.5 million Russian accounts. These are of course mostly geeks and a business audience.

Here is the price comparison with other websites in Russia: Yandex is at www.market.yandex.ru. Price.ru is at www.price.ru. Nadavi is at www.nadavi.ru. Aport is at www.aport.ru and Magazilla is at www.magazilla.ru.

For research on your media target, you can check out the 9 million daily visitors on Mediatarget.ru. There are 2 million daily Marketgid.ru visitors and 0.4 million Redtram.com daily visitors. These are the teaser networks.

With CPA systems, the CPA model is a vital, brand new opportunity for the Russian market. They are few and far between, with very few CPA systems available in Russia. Here are a few of them: ActionAds at www.actionpay.ru, CityAds at www.cityads.ru, AdmitAd at www.admitad.com and ActionPay at www.actionads.ru.

With display advertising, the largest display advertising systems in Russia are the following: SoloWay.ru with a 31 million audience that is reachable every day. Kavanga.ru with a 27 million audience that is reachable every day.

As you can see, advertising in Russia is not always easy. However, with the help of the information provided in this article, it can become a bit simpler and easier to understand. You should get started promoting your business online in Russia today. There are many ways to get started.

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