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10 Proven Web Design Trends from Last Year


The 2013 Trends for Web Design

Many trends in the creation of web designs occurred this 2013. These trends gave a lot of contributions to the improvement of web functions on the internet for several months. These trends will lead to the creation of another set of trends in the next coming years with the help of professional web designers. This 2013, one of the most popular trends in web designing that recorded a lot of achievements in the history of the industry is the so called responsive web design. Responsive type of web design was introduced in 2012 and many web developers believe that this trend will continue to influence the world of web design in the years to come after 2013.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a popular trend in web designing that led to the concept of making websites responsive to any kind of screen sizes since it is one of the demands of mobile web users nowadays. This trend in web designing was created relation to the existence smartphones. Smarthphones are just examples of latest gadgets that can perform mobile web browsing. However, the traditional examples of web designs will not work in these gadgets and therefore it needs a new type of web design that will really fit to its requirements that’s why the trend of responsive web design was introduced.

Web developers are hoping that with the help of this new trend in the field of web designing, the number of individuals who will use smartphones will increase by almost 1.4 billion persons at the end of 2013. Another 2013 trend in the industry that led to several changes in web designing is the Metro web design. Metro was actually part of the goals established by Microsoft this year. This trend in web designing was designed to make web designed more focused on the content rather than the selection and quality of graphics.

Metro Web Design

Metro web designing is very famous with its unique flat design. This latest web design can be found anywhere in the world of the internet. But it is very common in Window 08, Xbox with 360 dashboards and new OS by Microsoft. After Metro web design, a new trend for 2013 web designing was created and it was called minimalism. Minimalism is a 2013 huge trend in web designing that gained a lot of achievements in the web design industry. Actually, this trend was just a result of few revisions in the Metro web design by Microsoft.

Minimalism Web Design

The concept of leaving the irrelevant contents and attractive graphics away from the setting of a web design still remains the same here in Minimalism that’s why many people think that Metro and Minimalism are only one design. These 2013 trends in web design are results of the extensive research and surveys in the field of web designing. These web designs were actually created to keep websites attractive for all of its users for several years. The trends were made simple because too much designs and clutter is one of the main reasons why many individuals leave a website.

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