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10 Awesome Web Video Statistics

10 Awesome Web Video Statistics

10 Web Video Statistics

Web video is seen as being the business card of the 21st century. It is viewed as a part of the future companies need to embrace. Soon 90% of all internet traffic will be for web video. Here is a listing of ten web video statistics to put you in perspective.

1. Retail site visitors who view video stay onsite an average of two minutes longer.

2. People who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.

3. Retail sites with web video increase their conversions by 30%.

4. Video traffic on mobile networks decreased 10% over a one year period and is not 50% of wireless network traffic.

5. It is said that video would soon be considered 90% of internet traffic.

6. With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x.

7. Video and other multi-media product viewing options are rated more effective than any other site initiative.

8. Over 90% of shoppers found web video useful in making purchase decisions.

9. Forbes found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text.

10. Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%.

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