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21 LinkedIn Profile Tips that Make You Look Awesome

21 LinkedIn Profile Tips that Make You Look Awesome

21 Tips to Building a Successful LinkedIn Profile

1. Your name should only be your name. Do not use nicknames or anything fancy in its place.

2. Your headline should include keywords and a catchy line related to what you want to be found for.

3. Have a professionally taken photo.

4. Reach at least 501 connections for social proof and extending your network.

5. Add all relevant contact information.

6. Customize your website name with the use of terms that will attract your target market rather than using just your company name.

7. Customize your profile URL.

8. Update your status update with content that provides value to your overall target market.

9. Use keywords you want to be searched for throughout your summary and profile.

10. You can write in the first person, this is not your resume or CV.

11. Speak directly to your target market so they can self-identify.

12. Include or add a video or slideshow using the multimedia feature.

13. Make sure to tell people to click to play video or it may not become noticeable enough.

14. Keywords load your skills and expertise sections for terms you want to be endorsed for.

15. Use the projects section to highlight any free reports, downloads, or showcase products you are promoting. Only add things
that will provide value and appeal to your target market.

16. Keywords load your current and past work history with terms you want to be found for.

17. Use keywords when filling out your experience section.

18. Have no less than 10 recommendations for your profile as these can become extremely important.

19. Add any volunteer experience or causes of support you are involved with.

20. Add any significant media attention, awards, or achievements that add credibility.

21. Join 50 groups that is the maximum allowed by LinkedIn.

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