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10 Awesome Statistics About Pinterest

10 Awesome Statistics About Pinterest

5 Pros and Cons of Pinterest

Pinterest has been the fastest growing social shit to hit 10 million US. Monthly visits faster than any standalone site ever. Over the past year, there have been over 5 million conversations about Pinterest across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

When Pinterest hit 10 million users in 2012, Buzz peaked with 119K mentions, up 373% in just two months. Over 60% of mentions were in the U.S. followed by the UK at 10%. 60% of Pinterests users are female and 40% male.

5 Pros People Cheer

1. A Love of Recipes – 30% of users talk about their love of recipes of the site. The visual representation matched with social comments, make recipes take a stand.
2. Beautiful Design – 30% of conversations praise the design of Pinterest.
3. Rise in Popularity – 20% of users talk about the quick rise in popularity Pinterest saw.
4. Easy and Stress Free – 10% of users love how easy and stress free it is to use Pinterest to plan and organize everything from decorating, shopping, crafts, weddings, and more.
5. Daily Pinterest – 10% of users are shocked how quickly people adapt to Pinterest and integrate it within their daily life.

5 Cons People Boo

1. Time Sucker – Almost three quarters of users find Pinterest to be a time sucker, spending time they will never get back.
2. Technical Issues – 1 in 10 of users cry over the technical issues seen that is common for early successful sites such as Pinterest.
3. Spam Again? – 10% think the spam emails received cross a line.
4. Legal Concerns – 5% of users have issues with some copyright infringement seen on the site.
5. No Gain for Businesses – 5% feel there is no money to be made for businesses on Pinterest.

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